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Reliance Jio Rs 1500 4G mobile phone | Jio Phone Booking Online Pre-Orders

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Reliance Jio Rs 1500 4G mobile phone | Jio Phone Booking Online Pre-Orders

Though launched, Jio Phone is now here close to hitting the market – you might even have to wait a couple of months before you can get your hands on the mobile. That’s because the Jio-branded phone will become available for beta testing on 15 August, but this will likely be for a very small section of the market. If you don’t get fall in the beta trials bracket, you will have to wait for 24 August, when the Jio mobile Phone bookings start. You will have the option to choose to make the Jio mobile Phone booking online or through a retail outlet. This is beta trial system similar to what the company did roughly a year ago with its telecom network, when it held a beta trial for select users for a few months before opening it to the public in Sept Reliance Jio Rs 1500 4G mobile phone.Reliance Jio Rs 1500 4G mobile phone

Buy 4G Smartphones Online | Reliance Jio Phone 4G mobile launched – Specs, features

It is heard that Reliance is planning to launch jio smartphones into the market soon.  Reliance has already introduced LYF brand smartphones into the market, but now it is said that it is going to introduce a new range of smartphones at low budgets into the market. It is heard that Reliance Jio is going to launch cheapest 4G smartphones mobile into the market.  The 4G usage has picked up since the introduction of Reliance Jio.  So Reliance is planning to launch Reliance Jio Rs 1500 4G mobile phone soon.

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jio 999 phone launch date | jio 999 phone booking

Mukesh Ambani has unveiled the Jio Phone at the Reliance Industries Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017. The Jio Phone is a 4G VoLTE enabled feature mobile phone. The Reliance Industries Limited chairman called the new Jio Phone ‘India ka smartphone’, and it comes loaded with features like expandable SD memory card slot, 4-way navigation, and more. Ambani, in his address, was expected to bring out a new 4G VoLTE enabled feature phone. The feature phone has been a point of much anticipation after leaks and rumours started doing the rounds. The Jio Phone comes with an Alphanumeric keypad and features a headphone jack, microphone, speaker, and supports FM Radio as well. The 4G VoLTE enabled Jio Phone supports all languages, and users can speak to the device via voice commands. The company is giving people an option to browse the Internet on the new Jio Phone as well, and it comes pre-loaded with Jio apps. The Jio mobile Phone effective price is Rs 0. This means, you can buy the phone at Rs 1500, which will be refunded after 3 years, Ambani said. The phone will be sold as first come-first serve basis from September 2017. From features, availability to price and data Plans, here is a list of 15 things you should know about JioPhone.

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जियो 99 9 फोन बुकिंग | रिलायंस जियो 4 जी हैंडसेट | रिलायंस 4 जी

जियो फोन लॉन्च अगले महीने संचार और मनोरंजन बाजार को वीडियो के साथ “प्रभावी रूप से मुफ्त” फीचर फोन और कुछ डेटा क्षमताओं के साथ बाधित करने की धमकी देता है। टकसाल भारत के कुछ 500 मिलियन फीचर फोन उपयोगकर्ताओं और उनके उपयोग के व्यवहार को दर्शाता है। जिओफोन उनके जीवन का केंद्र बन सकता था

How to Jio Phone Booking Online :-

  • you can Go to on Reliance Jio official website.
  • You can also visit a Jio retailer.
  • It should be noted that the pre-booking for all customers will start from August 24

Booking Online Pre-Orders Jio Phone>>>>>>>

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